The Dignity of American Policing Now Falls In the Hands of the Second Police Officer at the South Carolina Police Shooting

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My deepest and most sincere condolences goes out the family of Walter Scott , the clear victim of an act of pure cowardessness and treachery by Officer Michael Slager.  This incident epitomizes everything that is wrong with our current policing culture and its dysfunctional relationship with the black American experience.  In a very short time, the police officer who murdered Mr. Scott, will receive a crash education on what life entails for a white male, evidence planting, corrupt, black person murdering former cop, in a prison culture that houses  a population of 40 percent black males.  Slager will have wished for the death penalty when all is said and done. However, we are missing the bigger picture here. The focus of the South Carolina police shooting investigation should be on the second officer at the scene.  

If there is any honor and dignity left in the American policing culture, its only remaining glimmer of hope falls on the actions of this single police officer. That’s right, the unidentified black male police officer, who according to the video footage, had an unobstructed view of Officer Slager “planting evidence” near the body of Scott, from what appears to be his Taser.  Only two options exist for our second police officer:  He either verbally confronted Slager, notified the shift supervisor of Slagers actions, and then documented everything in his own supplemental police report.  Or, the more hideous and unforgivable option: He observed Slager “planting evidence” at the scene, and played the three wise monkey’s routine: see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil.  God help American Policing if he chose the latter.