Justifying the Use of Deadly Force Is a No-Brainer for the Police

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Given the objective reasonableness standard (Graham v. Connor) a police officer can justify the use of deadly force in almost any situation. “Truth” is the essential element in police accountability and police officers know that the concept of “truth” is legally NOT morally defined, and based solely on their perception of the events through the eyes of another police officer NOT through the eyes of a citizen. 

Thus, the specific facts of any deadly force encounter you many see across the nation, past, present, or future, becomes irrelevant. The morality of truth has been corrupted through spaces of systemic and structural violence (racism, sexism, homophobia, poverty, etc.) and please don’t forget the legal justification to lie through the Mental State Requirement and the Public Authority Defense.  

“Race” then becomes a force multiplier in justifying the use of deadly force, especially against black Americans because the narrative of our nation’s history places black Americans as institutionally sanctioned property of the state. Remember, with very few exceptions, the police can “legally lie” to citizens when conducting criminal investigations  (undercover work, questioning suspects, etc.) and are handsomely  rewarded via arrests, drug seizures, gun seizures, money seizures, and heroism from the Eurocentric consciousness of the American majority for supporting this warped narrative. So why be morally truthful when it is simply not a requirement to be considered a productive and courageous police officer in this country?