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The Loss of Moral Authority: Baltimore Police Department’s Neutered Response Is a Growing Nationwide Policing Trend

Over the next few hours, days, and weeks, as we all begin to digest the images of the City of Baltimore falling into a State of Emergency, one of the most glaring will be when a group of primarily white police officers are being pummeled by rocks and bricks from what appears to be larger group of young school-aged black males.  In fact, several police officers are seen throwing rocks right back at the crowd, in an apparent effort to defend themselves. As a former police–detective, one of the first things that came across my mind was “why didn’t they draw their weapons and use deadly force?” Surely, the police were legally justified in doing so…so why the hesitation to pull the trigger?  But then it hit me.  A lack of moral authority by police department's across the nation has racially neutered their response under the bright lights of a national audience, and Baltimore, with its black American mayor and black American police commissioner helplessly fell right into line with this cultural trend.