The Revolving Door of Defining “Truth” within the Criminal Justice System

After almost 30 years in the business of crime and justice, I’ve come to one clear and undisputable truth: the overwhelming majority of our nation’s citizens have no fathomable clue how the criminal justice system really operates. As a start, the criminal justice system operates within a revolving door of how “truth” will be defined. The justice system is not designed to operate within the standard ethical world of “truths and lies” where most people in America try to live and breathe. It can’t. First, because the system operates in a world where its loyal customer base, whether they be white, black, or brown, drug traffickers, child molesters, white collar criminals, or murderers, live under a different code of ethical conduct. Secondly, and the most important, because the one and only means the criminal justice system can make money is to produce arrests and plenty of them. The courts and correctional components of the criminal justice system rely solely on the policing component for their survival.