killing fields

Why Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy, the Leader of the Second Largest Police Department in America, Will Ultimately Fail

In June 2011, the recently hired Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy, the leader of the second largest police department in America, told a large black church congregation at St. Sabina’s on the Southside of Chicago some amazing things. He told them that he was not afraid to talk about the infamous “r-word”…race. McCarthy suggested that slavery, segregation, the black codes, and Jim Crow had one very important common denominator: “government-sponsored racism.” After some thunderous applause, McCarthy then said there was another component to this government-sponsored racism, “Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms into our urban centers across this country that are killing are black and brown children.” After an even louder series of thunderous applause, McCarthy finally added that after recognizing these facts, he was “changing the face” of how policing would take place in Chicago because he had a “plan to address it.”