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The True Enemy of the Policing Culture: The Apologists

Anyone who is truly invested in the wellbeing and cares about the success of the modern-day policing culture, as I do, knows one clear and undisputable fact: cultural change is inevitable in policing and the culture will either transcend or implode into change. You see, transcending the culture from one of “policing power" to "community empowerment” will be an ugly, rough, and sometimes torturous journey. During this process, the policing culture will continue to make horrible mistakes (racial profiling, excessive force, etc.) in their dysfunctional relationship and growing fear of Black America. This transcendence will force some officers to resign, be terminated, or become part of the inmate population, but in the end, the growing pains will be worth it. We will have a stronger and more competent policing culture, ready to morally and legally face the unique challenges of upholding their oath to serve and protect a globally diverse new America. However, there is the later and the much more painful process…implosion… and that’s what everyone is seeing today across the country. One look at McKinney, Texas says it all. Police officers are becoming a national punchline for incompetence, insubordination, and intolerance…and the world is laughing out loud at the policing culture, not with them.  The “imploding” process has created an environment where police officers are perceived as undisciplined children being placed in “time-out” by their own police supervisors, politicians, and communities, where their trustworthiness and respect factor has, with the exception of a dedicated few believers, been almost eliminated.

So, what’s holding the policing culture back from making this transcension? The true enemy of policing: the apologists.

Perceived Entitlement: A Police Officers Most Seductive Vice

The one advantage of being from a family of cops is that you have a unique understanding of the entire policing culture. With a combined 70 plus years of policing experience between my brothers and me, we’ve had many conversations about the good, bad, and ugly of this profession.  Without a doubt, the absolute worse and most seductive vice a police officer must resist is the “perceived entitlement” to basically do whatever you want, whenever you want, and to whomever you want. Every single police officer in the nation understands exactly what I mean.