the use of deadly force

Although morally barbaric, I believe the police were legally justified in shooting and killing 12-year old Tamara Rice.

Whether most police officers realize it or not, and I have serious doubts whether most police officers actually have an applied understanding of the legal standards regarding the use of deadly force...but that's another conversation, the courts have in the past and unless there is an apocalyptic reversal, will always error on the side of police officer safety. In laymen’s terms, the law vehemently protects the rights of police officers to justify the use of deadly force, even under the most morally reprehensible circumstances. The use of deadly force is a legal standard with plenty of gray area, not a moral standard that sits at the center of right or wrong. Thus, I believe the cowardly shooting and killing of 12-year old Tamir Rice, was justified under the color of the law. I know it’s difficult to accept my opinion but what I’ve done is outline the seven legal standards that I used. I hope this helps make sense of a senseless police killing: